Jakes Program Information

In 1981, NWTF saw a need to get youth outdoors and began the JAKES ( Juniors Acquiring Knowledge, Ethics and Sportsmanship) program. Xtreme JAKES was later added to provide teens with more advanced outdoor opportunities. JAKES Take Aim gives youth the chance to try target shooting, clay target shooting and shotgunning in a safe, fun environment.

2017 Maumee Bay State Park – Jake’s Deer Hunt

*This is a 1-day hunt. Drawn applicants will hunt either Saturday or Sunday.   DRAW RESULTS WILL BE  POSTED BELOW.

*This is a bow hunt only

Saturday October 21, 2017

Hunters Drawn For The 2017 NWTF Youth Hunt At Maumee Bay State Park


  1. Aiden Brunkhorst
  2. Charlie Miller
  3. Joey Yoder
  4. Hunter Simmons
  5. Tyler Noftz
  6. Dakota Allred
  7. Alexis Huntermark
  8. Michael Hamilton
  9. Justin Tibbels
  10. Cooper Young
  11. Matthew Yoder
  12. Owen Heyman
  13. Kaley Daniel
  14. Nikales Shanteu
  15. Coroline Mittendorf
  16. Seth Hunyor


  1. Lauren Davis
  2. Michael Pullela
  3. Jacob Moon
  4. Marcus Mullett
  5. Leland Knoll
  6. Elizabeth Wauford
  7. Aubrey Lee
  8. Avery Philo
  9. Cody Hicks
  10. Ty Cairl
  11. Stephan Walters
  12. Cole Evans
  13. Cole Smith
  14. Michael Yoder
  15. Devin Thompson
  16. Oliviah Downard


  1. Dylan Worden
  2. Hunter Czubachowski
  3. Lea Wauford
  4. Seree Peterson
  5. Madison Jones

We feel extremely blessed to hold 2 deer hunts at Maumee Bay State Park. The second weekend in November, Nov. 11th & 12th our chapter holds a youth hunt. This hunt is designed to give youth the opportunity to hunt in a safe / controlled area, while creating lasting memories with a parent or guardian. Guides are available to accompany any child wishing to participate in this event.

The morning starts off with a lite breakfast. After introductions and a safety meeting, hunters and their parents / guardians will be taken to their blinds by a volunteer. A hot lunch is provided whenever the hunter decides to come in for a break. Hunting is from sunrise to sunset & many hunters come in for lunch & go right back out. At the end of the day all hunters / parents/ guides will be escorted back to the shelter house.

Successfully drawn applicant names will be posted to this website. Those youth drawn for this hunt will also be called by one of our volunteers. We will confirm your participation in the hunt and discuss any pertinent information regarding the hunt during said call.